The Real Success

In order to grow a business from scratch, there are some "must have" ingredients that go into the recipe:


Work ethic.


Growing a business to achieve some of the targets you've outlined for yourself takes quite a bit of hard work and due diligence. If you want to become successful, then I have on simple question for you...

Do You Work As Hard For Your Own Business As You Do For Your Employer?

There are a lot of components that must successfully come together to grow a huge business.

One of the most important items that must take place is that you must work to achieve your aspirations. If success was easy we'd all be driving our favorite Ferrari and living our lives in the fast lane.

Take a moment to think about some of the greatest business owners of our time.

Bill Gates

Richard Branson

Donald Trump

Oprah Winfrey

Larry Ellison

This prominent list could go on for quite some time. But what do these leaders have in common?

They've all worked their asses off to obtain the successes they've accomplished!

They're all extremely driven. Putting in long days and countless hours is a daily routine for them. They never stop.

There's also another item that can't be overlooked when discussing leaders and driven inspirations. They all have a "WHY". They all have something that motivates them to no end. Something that keeps them going. Day after day.


It has nothing to do with the creation of wealth.

What keeps you going? Is it your children and providing them with a better future? Is it the desire to help others with your products and services? Regardless of what makes you 'tick', you have to have something driving you. You'll have good days and bad ones. It's your 'why' that will give you the strength to pull through those rough days.

Ultimately, the success of the wealthy (and yours, too) boils down to 2 critical things:

1. They Are Persistent - Nothing stops them. Whether it's things taking place in their personal life, financial woes, personal and financial loss, etc. It makes no difference. They continue to persevere and bounce back no matter what. Are you persistent? Do you easily give up and call it quits after a setback? This is where the rubber meets the road.

2. They Help Others - They thoroughly comprehend "The Law Of Success". The more they give back and help others they more they will receive in return. It's crazy how it works, but it's the absolute truth. They know that their success can be measured by a very simple question: "How many other lives have I changed?" Are you positively having an impact on other people? Do you reach and go out of your way to assist others in their aspirations and dreams?

Ultimately, success is defined by how you responded to those 2 prior questions. Growing a business takes a tremendous amount of "doing", not thinking about doing. How many others do you plan on helping today, tomorrow, the rest of the month?

People truly need and desire to have your products and services.

Are you going to reach out and help them find what you already have?

It makes no difference what you're marketing. Juice, vitamins, internet security, identity theft, etc. People need what you have. It's your job to find those people (or have them find you) and provide them with what they're looking for.

In closing, I present you with a small "to do list". Although extremely simple, this is critical to your success. Doing these items will allow you to be more focused and have a better grasp on your objectives:

  1. Create your reason "why". What keeps you motivated? What is going to keep you going on the bad days? What is going to drive you through the rough spots, so that you can enjoy the good stuff.
  2. Ask yourself, "How many people you're going to help?" For the day, week and month. Think baby steps here. Rome wasn't built in a day.
It must be realistic. Something you know without doubt that you're completely capable of accomplishing. There's nothing wrong with starting out with very small numbers here. The important thing is that you start.


Not tomorrow.

We all have reasons and excuses why we can't or why we won't do something. If your "why" is strong enough you will achieve.

Get it done. Now.

Make it happen.

Positively influence the lives of those around you.

Traveling this journey with you...

Joshua Fuson